Australian Women Preach – Episode 34

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Janine Luttick is a full-time lecturer in biblical studies in the faculty of theology and philosophy at Australian Catholic University (ACU). She teaches both undergraduate and post-graduate students, many of whom are pre-service or inter-service teachers for Catholic education in Australia. She also conducts professional learning and biblical formation locally and internationally.

Janine is currently the coordinator of the internationally acclaimed course for Catholic women, Leadership for Mission, designed by ACU in partnership with the National Centre for Evangelization. Recognized for her expertise in teaching the Bible, Janine was awarded the ACU Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning in 2020.

Prior to her appointment at ACU, Janine spent twenty-five years in education: in primary education, in Catholic education offices, and in private consultancy to Catholic schools, in the areas of theology, biblical studies, pedagogy, and learning design.

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