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On their arrival in Pakistan in 1980, the Sisters began ministry in Bethania Hospital, Sialkot, a centre for patients suffering predominantly from tuberculosis. In 1982 they commenced care in a Maternity Hospital in Sargodha. They later developed Primary Healthcare Programmes, both in the hospitals and surrounding villages. 


In the 1990s they became involved in management and teaching in four schools in the Sargodha area in the Diocese of Rawalpindi. Later this education ministry was extended to the city of Lahore.

In 2000 the Sisters brought their education ministry out to the villages on the edge of the city of Lahore. These were humble beginnings indeed. It all began under a tree in Halloki, in the Church grounds (see photograph). It took some time before the school buildings were erected.

The chief ministry of the Sisters today is in sponsoring education in these villages. Between the three schools there are just under one thousand students. The majority of these students would receive no education if it were not for the commitment of the Sisters and their lay colleagues and the generosity of many friends and donors.


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