Australian Women Preach – Episode 18

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Sally Longley

Sally Longley is a Spiritual Director and Retreat Leader based in Sydney. She has built the Chartres Labyrinth at Canisius with her husband as well as a ‘wild’ classic labyrinth among the trees at Canisius Retreat Centre. Sally leads silent and themed retreats and is a giver of the Ignatian Exercises. She is a part-time pastor of Avalon Baptist Peace church, and a team member on Listen into Life, a formation program for spiritual directors. Sally has published a booklet and a 3 set DVD/MP3: “Christian Meditation: 5 Ways to Pray”; and two books: “Walking the Labyrinth as the Beloved in John’s Gospel” (2016) and “Conversations with Silence: Rosetta Stone of the Soul” (2021). She is married with two adult children. (

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