29 November: Day 5 of 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence

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Low wages, long hours, dangerous conditions – the experience of many garment workers in countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Honduras, India and Australia.


An insight into the effects of the Fast Fashion industry in developing countries, their working conditions and what these women and children have to endure to survive.


Sign the petition to improve the working conditions of employees in developing countries

Research to see if the brands you favour ensure their supply chains are transparent and legally compliant.
The ‘Ethical Fashion Report: The Truth Behind the Barcode’ ranks 106 companies representing 330 individual brands gainst 40 criteria that cover factors such as living wage, worker voice and traceability, each company and brand is awarded a grade from A to F. Obtain your free copy of the 2017 Ethical Fashion Report and the complementary 2017 Ethical Fashion Guide from Baptist World Aid

Light your candle and join us in prayer, thought or reflection today
for all the Women and Girls who, in 2018, manufacturing cheap clothing (fast fashion) exports.


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