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We received this e-mail from AMRI (Association of Leaders of Missionaries and Religious Ireland) who encourage us to:

  • Check out the People’s Vaccine Alliance Ireland website and learn about the Campaign.
  • Sign the petition HERE
  • Attend the Campaign Launch on Thursday 8th July, 1 -2pm with Dr. Mike Ryan WHO (registration details are included below).

The science is clear. The fairest and most effective way to end this pandemic is to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to a COVID-19 vaccine.  Not only is this the right thing to do, it is also in our self interest, as ongoing outbreaks anywhere mean greater risk of new variants developing, against which our vaccines may not be effective. There simply is no way to defeat COVID-19 in Ireland without united action worldwide.


Ireland’s vaccine roll out is gathering speed. Soon every adult in Ireland will have access to a COVID-19 vaccine.  But the global pandemic is far from over and less than 3% of people in lower income countries have access to a vaccine.
This inequity is a result of decisions taken by governments and must be challenged. We are asking the Irish government to take a stand for fairness, equality and global health by calling for a #PeoplesVaccine.

The Peoples Vaccine Alliance Ireland, of which AMRI is a member, is campaigning to upscale production of COVID-19 vaccines so they are available to everyone, everywhere.

Global access to vaccines will only be possible if many more vaccine manufacturers are permitted to produce vaccines and if pharmaceutical companies agree to share their recipes and know-how. Will you call for a #PeoplesVaccine?

Register to attend the digital launch of the People’s Vaccine Alliance Ireland
Date: Thursday July 8th, Time 1-2 pm



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