Livestreaming from LCWR Assembly (13-16 August)

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LCWR (Leadership Conference of Religious Women) will be livestreaming portions of their 2019 Assembly (13-16 August), enabling viewing by all who are interested in the proceedings.

Message from LCWR: ‘Each day religious life leaders are faced with questions about how their congregations can best serve the needs of the world today and into the future. The upcoming LCWR assembly will explore the emerging trends in society on the global and national levels, how these trends impact religious life, and what the trends suggest about how religious life can best respond to what the world needs of it.’


1. Tuesday, August 13: Opening of the Assembly
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2. Wednesday, August 14: Prayer and Keynote Address by Pat Murray ibvm
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3. Wednesday, August 14:  Introduction to the LCWR Emergent Planning Session
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4. Thursday, August 15: Prayer and Presidential Address by Sharlet Wagner csc
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5. Friday, August 16: Justice Panel on the Intersection of Racism, Migration and the Climate Crisis
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All sessions may be viewed live at LCWR 2019

NB: Videos will be published online so that those who cannot watch live may view them at a later time.

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