June Webinar with Ilia Delio

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Cost:  US$40

Tuesday, June 27  @ 7-8:30 pm EDT

Wednesday, June 28 @ 12 midnight – 1.30 am GMT

Wednesday, June 28 @ 7-8.30 am AWST

The rapid development of artificial intelligence, including the new chat GPT software, has created deep fear in a world already facing a dire future due to global warming. The influx of bad news is creating conditions of global depression and global anxiety disorder. We seem to be working against ourselves, aiming for our own extinction. But there is another way to read the world map, that is, through the eyes of cruciform love. This talk will focus on two questions: What does the world look like if we see its changes driven by the divine energies of love? Can a renewed religious energy revitalize the world? These questions are at the heart of Teilhard’s vision.

The event recording will be available to those who register two weeks following event.

Register here.

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