Jubilee Year 2025 and the theme is: Pilgrims of Hope

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Since 1300 the Church has been celebrating Holy Years. Initially they were celebrated every 100 years. Then it was every 50 years and now it is every 25 years. (The year of Mercy 2015 was an extraordinary Holy Year). The last Holy Year was Jubilee 2000.

A Jubilee Year is a great religious event. It offers a special gift of grace and forgiveness and indulgence which is the full expression of the mercy of God.

The Logo for this Jubilee Year:
Click here to see the launch of the Logo. This video clip runs for 3.15 minutes.

Brief explanation of the Logo:

  • The four figures come from the four corners of the earth.
  • Each figure embraces the other as a sign of solidarity.
  • They cling to the Cross i.e. to our Hope.
  • The waves are choppy symbolising the pilgrimage of life which is often choppy.
  • The bottom of the Cross is in the form of an anchor. Hope is often depicted as an anchor in Christian art.
  • The Cross is also dynamic. It is not static. It is bending and meeting humanity.
  • Pilgrims of Hope.

A song has been composed for the Year: Pilgrims of Hope. But it has not yet been released in English.

2023 & 2024 are to be preparatory years for the 2025 Jubilee Year.

2023 is to be a year to rediscover Vatican II.

We are invited to revisit the documents. But shortly, newly updated booklets of the original Vatican II documents will be available. They will be in updated language. They will only be available in hard copy and not digital.

2024 is to be a Year of Prayer

The Jubilee year will be one of Pilgrimage. There will be local pilgrimages organised throughout the world.

The Holy Door is symbolic. It symbolises the doorway that is Jesus and it is through Jesus that we come to the Father. So, passing through the Holy Door is a symbol of conversion and commitment to follow Christ. Indulgence is about reclaiming the depth of the mercy of God.

2025 will be the 1700th anniversary of the Council of Nicea. For further information about the Jubilee Year go to: www.iubilaeum2025.va

Some Key dates:

The official Papal Letter (Papal Bull) to be published May 9th 2024.

Opening of the Holy Year December 2024.

Closing will be early 2026.

There are many different celebrations planned for 2025. Some of the key dates are:

May 30th – June 1 Jubilee of Families

May 28th – Aug 3rd Jubilee of Youth

May 8th & 9th Jubilee of Consecrated Life

Oct 18th & 19th Jubilee of the Missionary World

Reflective Questions:

  • How do we bring the message of Hope to people desperately needing Hope today?
  • How can we work and live together in a Synodal Way as Pilgrims of Hope?

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