International Nurses Day – May 12th 2020

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What a coincidence that this is The International Year of the Nurse. When the International Council of Nurses (ICN), based in Switzerland, chose as the theme for this year: Nursing the world to health, who could have imagined what was awaiting us in Covid 19? Who would have thought our Nurses would have such a central role on the world stage of 2020?

Outlining their aims for the year, the ICN said they wanted ‘the voice of nursing to be heard around the globe, to spread the word about our great profession and how it contributes to the wellbeing of the world. As carers, healers, educators, leaders and advocates, nurses are fundamental in the provision of safe, accessible and affordable care’.

Let us keep our nurses in our prayer and let us also do our part to help politicians and society in general to recognise the key role nurses play in our society.


Let us pray:

We celebrate and thank God for nurses across the globe. We give thanks for their commitment to bring healing and comfort to each person in their care.

Gentle God, our nurses mirror your love and compassion for the sick and the vulnerable. Be with them, so that they may truly be your hands and feet in our hospitals and care settings throughout the world.

Keep them and their families safe from all harm and protected in particular from Covid 19. Amen

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