Greetings from Ballyvaloo on St. Brigid’s Day 2023

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We are happy to share Michael’s letter with you.


Greetings all,

We move with a lighter step into the traditional start of spring today, on this the feast of Ireland’s female patron saint, Brigid. We are told that Brigid was an inspirational woman described as “headstrong and holy, accomplished and multitalented”. At Ballyvaloo we celebrate this great woman and express deep gratitude for the talents of all women and girls as we continue to grow and develop our activities here. We honour in particular the women of the Sisters of St John of God who have shaped this spiritual centre with a strength, openness and inclusivity over the years.

Our aim here at Ballyvaloo is to continue that ethos in a rapidly changing spiritual landscape where connection to Christ is increasingly made through different issue led topics. We address the environment through tuning in to the needs of the earth that wraps around us here and by developing a space on our programme for growing our awareness, sensitivity and responsibility towards Mother Earth through a spiritual lens. We provide affordable, nurturing spaces for spiritual and psychological wellness through rest, reflection and contemplation. Our intention is to provide a place for all our guests to flourish and heal at a deeper level. We see this as part of the bigger picture of growing our collective awareness of Christ in everything and everyone and that all needs to be respected equally.

We in Ballyvaloo, continue to adapt our retreat programme to gradually develop a more diverse range of activities to embrace the full experience of the cosmic Christ in the spirit of St Brigid.

For details of some of our up-coming activities in which you might be interested, please visit our website: Please pass on the details to your family and friends to help promote our work in whatever way you can.

Kind regards


Michael Dillon
Ballyvaloo Centre,
Co. Wexford.
Y21 X392


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