In Memory

Julian Doolan

Died on: 26 May, 2014
Religious Name: Julian
Date of Birth: 10 December, 1924
Date of Profession: 13 May, 1957
Resting Place: Geelong Eastern Cemetery, VIC

Sister Julian Doolan died peacefully on 26th May 2014 at Nazareth House, Camberwell, Victoria aged 89 years.  She was born in Swan Hill, Victoria where she did her nursing training and worked for a number of years before deciding to become a Sister of St John of God.

She ministered for many years in St John of God Hospitals, her main ministry being that of a dedicated midwife.

Julian had a wonderful gift of friendship, reching out to mothers and babies, visitors, doctors, family and friends – and in particular, to Priests all over Australia.

She was much loved by community, family and friends and will be sadly missed.  She is survived by many nieces, nephews and their families.

Her funeral Mass took place on Monday 2nd June at Nazareth House Chapel, and she was buried in Geelong beside Sisters Lelia Carroll and Cecilia Kelly, as was her wish.  As well as preparing the readings and hymns for her Requiem Mass some time ago, she asked for “The Magpie’s Song” to be recited at her graveside because she had a great love for nature.

A copy follows for your enjoyment

THE MAGPIE’S SONG by Frank S. Williamson

Oh, I love to be by Bindi, where the fragrant pastures are,
And the Tambo to his bosom takes the trembling Evening Star
Just to hear the magpie’s warble in the blue-gums on the hill,
When the frail green flower of twilight in the sky is lingering still.
Calling, calling, calling to the abdicating day:
Oh, it fills my heart with music as I loiter on my way.

Oh, the windy morn of Matlock, when the last snow-wreath had gone,
And the blackwoods robed by tardy Spring with starlike beauty shone;
When the lorry showed his crimson to the golden blossom spread,
And the Goulburn’s grey-green mirror showed the loving colours wed:
Chiming, chiming, chiming in the pauses of the gale,
How the magpie’s notes came ringing down the mountain, o’er the vale.

Oh, the noon beside the ocean, when the spring tide ladnward set,
Cast ashore the loosened silver from the waves of violet.
AS the sea-god sang a lovesong and the she-oak answer made
Came the magpie’s carol wafted down the piny colonnade.
Trolling, trolling, trolling in a nuptial melody
AS it floated from the moaning pine to charm the singing sea.

Voice of happy shepherd chanting by a stream in Arcady,
Seems thy song this blue-eyed morning over lilac borne to me.
In his arms again Joy takes me, Hope with dimpling cheek appears,
And my life seems one long, lovely vale where grow the rosy years:
Lilting, lilting, lilting; when I slumber at the last,
Let your music in the joyous wind be ever wandering past.

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