Australian Women Preach – Episode 25

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Mary Margaret Dalmau is a daughter, twin, aunt, wife, mother, grandmother, hermit, teacher and counsellor. Music and poetry sustain me. I come from the mountains of Colorado, my soul’s landscape.

Health, truth, the wisdom tradition, deep listening and spiritual integrity guide and ground transition and transformation work in mission, pastoral care, spiritual direction, nurse education, palliative care, addiction and trauma recovery in the US, Canada, and Australia. Since retiring, my husband and I care for our land northwest of Brisbane.

We are an intergenerational home of children and grandchildren. With them we grow food, weed, mulch, and plant veggies, native trees and fruit trees. We parent in new ways and make choices that enlarge us, our communities and the earth.

We are students in an international community of wisdom teachers and storytellers in this time of great turning. We hold in loving awareness suffering, violence, soul injury, trauma, dying and grieving. We dedicate ourselves to protecting and healing life.”

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