Attend to the Ebb and Flow of Life

What a wonderful invitation to each one of us!  What a privilege to have heard the call and experienced the deep desire to travel this journey of awareness into the Mystery of our awesome God.

We are called to attend, to be present, to notice, to pay attention, to life, to God, within our own beings and all around us; to grace each moment with the gift of our presence; to receive the gift offered in every feeling, every thought, every passing insight, every experience of joy, of pain, of beauty, of wonder, every encounter; every relationship, every challenge; to be mindful in All that is given to us, the ordinary and the unexpected.

Be Still
Be still, very still, and know that I am God.
Listen to the steady breathing of a baby fern just before dawn.
Listen to the high blue air calling to a distant cloud.
Listen to a cornstalk’s shadow singing to the sun.
Listen to ants chuckling, scratching their ears,
          to seeds throbbing with life.
Listen long with your whole being.
My voice is a whisper. My voice is silence.
           Be very, very still.
-Louise Finn CN

Pay Attention
Notice how you feel about the theme of this reflection. Explore your insights into its beckoning.

  • Where could there be a light for your path on this journey of attending?
  • Are there practices that work for you on your personal journey that might be helpful to others?
  • Could the processes of theological reflection/faith sharing/examen of consciousness be a support on this journey?  Do you need help to enrich these processes?

Reflect on Scripture
Is there a Scripture passage among these that sheds light on the topic?

John 12:23-27: ‘Unless the grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies it remains only a single grain’.
Matthew 5:1-10: ‘Blessed are the pure in heart; they shall see God’.
Exodus 3:13-16:  ‘God said to Moses I am who is’.
John 4:21-24: ‘God is spirit, and those who worship must worship in spirit and truth’.

Ponder the readings below.
Dare to allow them to awaken in you a deeper call to attend to the ebb and flow of life.   

“If we take one thing at a time and give it our full attention, then each thing we handle gets all of us. And the same is true for our journey into awareness. It will take time and conscious attention to detail. It will call for practice, discipline, and compassion for yourself as you learn to navigate this new terrain.

"You will stumble over and over, and every time you notice a faltering, that noticing is a success. Every time you   become aware of your thinking and reconfigure it, that is a step ahead. Every conscious re-entry into the present after a foray into the past or future, that, too, is a stride forward. If you pay attention, you cannot fail. ‘All the way to heaven is heaven,’ said Catherine of Sienna. You have already  arrived. The journey is simply to live in that awareness... Begin to observe your thoughts and direct them... "        

“As you uncover God’s loving truth, you uncover your own, and as you uncover your own truth, you fall deeper into God’s mercy and love... When my heart opens up inside the safety and spaciousness of God, it  always invites me into deeper and daring honesty, deeper surrender, deeper shadow work with my own illusions and my own pretentions. The two always feed one another, and that’s why people who go deeper with God invariably have a very honest evaluation of  themselves....    

             I’ve awakened to find you within me. As I breathe, you walk through my door

Sr Brid Ryan SSJG, Congregational Leader