Participate in Plastic-free July

27 June 2019 | Australia

July is now known as 'Plastic Free July'. During July, millions of people across more than 150 countries will take part in the challenge this month to reduce or eliminate their plastic use.

Single-use plastic, that is items made of plastic that are used only once before they are thrown away, are items like plastic bags, straws, coffee cups and drink bottles. These end up in landfill or get into our waterways and subsequently impact our environment, our wildlife and our health. In fact, single-use plastic has been identified as one of the critical environmental issues of our time. Fact sheets on the impact of single-use plastic waste abound.

This video highlights the impact on ocean health and biodiversity.


July is an opportunity to implement changes and to find sustainable alternatives to commonly used plastic products. This checklist provides some suggestions 

Join us and millions of people globally in becoming part of the change. Consider what plastic habit you might change and make a daily practice of fulfilling your pledge with your chosen action.