Marking the Fourth Anniversary of the publication of Laudato Si'

15 June 2019 | Australia

It is four years (18 June 2015) since the release of the encyclical Laudato Si' and the profound call by Pope Francis to galvanise all people to change our thinking, our understanding and our behaving — 'a change of humanity' (LS 8) — to recognise that every living thing is connected and that all of life inhabits a common home (Earth). Every...all...

From the first breath to our last, air is our inseparable companion.


As Sisters of St John of God, we are called to 'Gaze on the mystery of our evolving changing universe'. Our Chapter call invites us into amazement and wonder at the uniqueness and diversity of the Earth community; to recognition of the interconnection of all life forms, and to action on behalf of the needs of Earth and Earth's people.

Join us as we reflect on the changes in our behaviour as a result of our awareness that all of life is connected and that we are each responsible for the care of— and therefore the future of— our common home.

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