Celebrating the Feast of Saint John of God

8 March 2019 | Australia

Man of compassion, Man of loving care

"When I reflect on St John of God’s life, I see a man transformed by a life of suffering. That suffering has brought him to a place of freedom and of deep compassion. His generosity and desire to bring dignity and healing to the people who are outcast and rejected by society knows no bounds.

Every single person matters to him. He is not worried by what people think of him and he is not too proud to beg from the rich for what he needs to care for the poor. There is no hierarchy in how he relates to people. Everyone matters, sinner and saint, rich and poor. Let John’s life teach and call you to love without limits".
Sr Brid Ryan SSJG

We Pray:  

  • May gentle encouragement come from our lips in all situations.
  • May we attend to the sick with outstretched healing hands.
  • May we follow the example of St John of God in our service to others by living in his God'values of 
  • hospitality, compassion, Respect, justice and excellence.
  • May we be bold and imaginative in bringing healing and hospitality to those around us and those in need.
  • We pray for those for whom you told us to pray; our enemies, those who have hurt us, those who have disappointed us or rejected us.
  • We pray that we will be light and hope to those who are down trodden and oppression.

In his wisdom St John of God encourages us:
"for the love of God, do good for yourself by doing good for others".

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Image from: sjog-na.org