Celebrating the Feast of All Saints - 1 November

28 October 2017 | Australia

November 1st invites us to stand by the window of our own inner world and to get in touch with our deepest centre, with who and what and why we are as we are. Who are we? Scripture answers us: "We are God's work of art," created with loving care and purpose (Eph 2). We are "called by name....precious in God's eyes" and utterly loved (Is 43). We are "God's temple and God's spirit dwells in us" (1Cor 3).

So this feast is about celebrating God in you and me, and me and you in God, and in all people, past and present, who have tried and are trying to do their best. Start by appreciating yourself and then let the Spirit spill over.


This Indian story holds the secret. A young lad was curiously watching an old man looking into a well. He asked: "What are you doing?"  The old man replied: " I am looking at God." The boy was amazed and said: "What! How can you see God, you are just looking into a well." The old man lifted up the child so he could also look into the well, where, of course, he saw his own reflection and said: "That is just me I see." The wise old man responded: "Now you know where God lives and where to find him."

-Sr Sally Hyland ssjg 

Image: iStock. Used under licence