Celebrating the Feast of All Souls, 2 November

28 October 2017 | Australia

On the 2nd November each year, in the Catholic Church, we celebrate and give thanks for the gift of all our deceased relatives and friends, now resting in the eternal mystery of God.

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Honouring Our Ancestors

As we approach the time of the year where the veil between the two worlds is said to be thinnest, we move into a season where an immense amount of energy is directed towards our dearly departed.

On this day, and throughout the month of November, we remember and honour family who have come and gone before us, because they had a hand in shaping who we are. We acknowledge the contribution their existence made to our lives and we express our gratitude for everything they have taught us. Therefore we can stand proud and strong on the shoulders of our ancestors, acknowledging and honouring ourselves for the magnificent creation that we are. We stand proud with all those, deceased relatives, friends, neighbours, carers, teachers, Sisters of St John of God, partners in mission in Australia, Ireland, England, Pakistan, mentors and so many others who have gone before us and have ‘fashioned and formed us’ by the witness of their lives.

The song, “Standing on the Shoulders” puts it this way: “I am standing on the shoulders of the ones who came before me I am stronger for their courage; I am wiser for their words I am lifted by their longing for a fair and brighter future I am grateful for their vision, for their toiling on this Earth…. They are saints and they are humans, they are angels, they are friends We can see beyond the struggles and the troubles and the challenge”


We Pray

“May the remembrance of each of these blessed ones deepen our own personal commitment to leave a trace of goodness wherever we go. When we depart this sphere of life may we do so having contributed to individual and world peace.” And may the Spirit of God enfold us in his love now and forever more. Amen

Texts:  From “Standing on the Shoulders” by Joyce Johnson Rouse ©1995 Rouse House Music from Love Large CD by Earth Mama)
           From: "Fragments of Your Ancient Name" by Joyce Rupp)