Our Story Today

Health care, education and the associated pastoral care were the primary ministries of the Sisters in Australia for much of our history.

The Sisters continue to respond to changing circumstances and needs and are engaged in a diversity of ministries and initiatives.

Sisters continue their roles in health care as the members of the sponsoring body deepen their understanding and practice of their roles and responsibilities.

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Sisters are active in caring for our less able senior Sisters - creating an appropriate and comfortable home environment and generous pastoral services.

In collaboration with lay colleagues we continue to operate our retreat house in Safety Bay. Here we create a contemplative space where individuals and groups can step aside for a while to warm the soul and surrender to the wonders of creation, where they can encounter God in private prayer, or simply remain in silence.

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The Open Door in Dandenong, Victoria creates a safe place to explore contemplative spirituality in an environment that nurtures questions of faith and practice without fear or judgement.

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Our long tradition with indigenous people and communities in the Kimberley continues:

With the establishment and operation of the Kimberley Heritage Centre, where we seek to foster healing relationships between indigenous and non-indigenous people through story-telling and the provision of historical photographic resources.

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Further Sisters engage in a range of additional ministries such as prayer and meditation groups, spiritual direction, bible studies, pastoral care to the needy, and companioning and empowering of refugees.

Our Leadership Group in Australia

Regional Leadership Team in Australia is comprised of:

Sr Isobel Moran – Regional Leader

Sr Columba Howard – Community Leader East/West

Sr Teresa Joyce – Community Leader Subiaco

Sr Ann McGlinn – Assistant Community Leader Subiaco

For more information contact the Australian Regional Office:

Email : RegionalOffice@ssjg.org.au